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Square top banquet chair cover with a custom satin band


Platinum Designs, Inc.- Linen Rentals, Greater Seattle Area
Chair cover rentals are an affordable and easy way to instantly spruce up any reception venue. Add a few extra "accents" to them, like sashes, flowers and ribbons and you can instantly take your look from simple to grand, from formal to flirty, or from understated to bold.
Increasingly, brides-to-be are realizing that chair covers are not just a "luxury" or an optional add-on. They are both an integral component of your decor, and surprisingly very easy on your wedding budget. Indeed, using covers for your reception may actually save you money.
Chair Covers complete your Wedding Decor.
They will instantly transform the room.
They add elegance, formality and uniformity.
They are great for covering unattractive chairs.
You can color coordinate your décor without having to worry about clashing with they colour of your venue's chairs.
They complete the look. A room decorated without them looks unfinished.
They are the first thing people notice when they walk into the room. They make an instant impression and set the tone for entire night.
You can book a less expensive venue and pretty it up with covers, at a fraction of the cost of renting a luxury location.
They are actually quite affordable.
They create such an impressive look that you can spend less in other areas of the décor without compromising the style.
 Chair Covers can reduce your Wedding Budget!

Folding Chair Covers

Lifetime folding chair covers also available

Fitted Chair Covers

Chair Covers-Round Top

Chair Cover-Square Top